Crossfit and Steroids?

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Really interesting read.

Crossfit and Steroids

Next MBSC Mentorship October 4-8

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Originally posted on Michael Boyle's Blog:

Our next MBSC Mentorship ( and probably the only one until 2016) will be October 4th – 8th. This is your only chance to spend 4 days with our staff learning our system both in the classroom and  on the floor. Come and immerse yourself in MBSC for 4 days.

To register go to

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Article on StrengthCoach- “Introducing the Hang Clean: Prioritizing Start and Finish Posture”- Ken Whittier

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After attending a Tom House Seminar a couple of weeks back, of course I learned a lot about baseball, but even more importantly, I learned a lot about coaching, and different strategies to better cue and communicate with athletes. For those who are unfamiliar with Tom House, he was a relief pitcher at the Major League level, but is world famous for being one of the most innovative and influential pitching coaches to date, and has worked with the likes of Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and many many more. Bottom line, Tom House can identify exactly what his athletes are doing incorrectly, and use simple drills to improve a throwers weaknesses.

Something that really stuck out while attending Tom House’s seminar, and is something that is consistent with our systems here at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, is the prioritization of posture. Tom House uses different drills to introduce proper posture. These drills are not dynamic, but rather static, and require athletes to hold different postures that are specific to throwing. Much like a track coach uses wall drills to pattern proper sprint mechanics, Tom House uses posture drills to pattern proper throwing mechanics.

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MBSC Makes the Best Gyms in America List for 2015

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Once again MBSC has been recognized as one of America’s best gyms. Most of those above us on the list are large chains or franchises so this is a great accomplishment for what remains a small, family oriented business.

Thanks first to all our members who really make our gym special and second, thanks to the best staff in America.

America’s Best Gyms

Great Piece on Developing Athleticism

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Here’s another great article for parents and youth hockey coaches on developing athleticism.

7 Tips to Developing Athleticism

Real Life Intervals

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I’ve gotten away from posting my interval workouts in the past year and have taken to quick tweets. I need to take the time to blog these so I can be a bit more detailed.

First off, we are now using Assault Air Bikes. These are very similar to the Schwinn Airdyne but, much better built. I would strongly suggest you get one to try. There is no better interval training tool on the market. The fan means the harder you go, the harder it is. Think upright Concept 2 Rower.

Todays workout

2 sets of 20/10 intervals ( Real Tabata’s for all you fake Tabata people)

These bikes have the original computers.

Work was above 70 RPM, rest above 50 RPM

Set 1- 1 mile

Set 2- 1.1 mile

give these a try for a “quick” 10 minute ride.

Article on StrengthCoach- “Charting Progress Made Easy”- Sean Ross

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Monitoring strength progress is essential to prevent athletes from just going through the motions in the weight room. Many will just grab a weight they think is heavy enough and use that load week after week, month after month. Their bodies will quickly adapt to this load and strength/size levels will stagnate. This article will explain simplify things for those training groups of athletes.

In my early years of training groups of athletes (primarily groups of 8-12 ages 13-18) I gave each athlete a sheet that they would record the reps and load used for each set they performed.  This system worked well for those that were very organized and detailed. I could glance at their sheets and see if they were progressing from week to week. However, many would spend too much time recording and not enough time lifting. After a few years I modified this system to having them record only their top weight successfully used in the three sets typically prescribed for that particular lift. This allowed for more time lifting and less time writing. When I started this system with a high school football team, I started noticing several sheets were not filled out at all, incorrectly, or left on the floor for me to pick up. Instead of getting mad at the players, I came up with a better solution. members, click here to read the rest of the article.

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