Is It Overtraining or Underplanning?

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This is another article I wrote a while back for our site.

I had a comment on the site from a coach who was worried about overtraining athletes by doing lower body work and speed work on the same day. As I started to lay out the logistics of what we do I found myself writing the statement that became the title of this article.

Don’t worry about overtraining, worry about underplanning!

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Interesting Article on Dealing With Chronic Pain

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Spine Surgeon Reveals Road Map Out of Chronic Painvertebra_fracture

The most interesting thing is that he stresses that it’s the combination of tools that works best.

Who Should You Take Advice From?

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I wrote this piece for my site a few months ago and thought I’d share it with a wider audience.

Brian Carrol wrote an interesting piece called Five Reasons Your Not Getting Stronger. It was pretty good and to the point.

I thought I’d analyze this part though:

Qualify the person you’re taking advice from using these 5 questions I learned from Dave Tate of Elite FTS:

1. What is his/her education and background?
2. How is/was this coach’s performance in the particular sport they’re coaching?
3. Who have they trained?
4. Have they been able to make athletes better than they were before training with them?
5. Do they practice what they preach?

If I score myself, I do pretty good on number 1- Education and background.

2. Performance in the particular sport they are coaching? I was not very good at anything. In fact, my best sport was swimming. I played and liked lots of other stuff ( powerlifting, basketball, football) but, performance? Not so much. Surprisingly, I have a baseball worlds series ring ( played from 8 years old to 12 and stunk) and two ice hockey national championship rings ( never played). By the way, my dad won a few state championships as a basketball coach and never played organized basketball. Also, in most team sports, great players don’t make great coaches. In strength and conditioning most of the best coaches I know either weren’t very good, had a career shortened by injury or both.

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Boston Pride ( NWHL) Games to be Broadcast on NESN

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In another big step for women’s professional hockey NESN has announced that it will air all of the Pride’s home games.

Don’t let that keep you from the home opener on Sunday though.

Women’s Professional Hockey- Boston Pride Home Opener

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Just FYI, our MBSC/ Team USA girls have their home opener on Sunday at 3 at Harvard. You can get your tickets at

Hope to see lots of you there.


25 Mistakes- 25 Years

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This might be the best article I have ever written. I know it is the most widely read article I have ever written. I still remember writing it on a train to New York to do a one day seminar for Equinox. It’s another great one from the archives of

25 Mistakes- 25 Years

Mental Toughness for Peak Performance by Personal Best at MBSC

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If you have kids that play sports, please do yourself a favor and come to MBSC next Saturday. Pete Moscariello is the former Reading baseball coach, a great speaker and a great teacher. I have had both of my kids in the program and can’t recommend it highly enough.

PS- My son is 10 and enjoyed the program as did his sixteen year old sister and her hockey coach ( a member of the US National Team). Age is no barrier.
Saturday, November 21, 2015 9:00 am – 11:15 am
Fee: $35 per person
To register, please contact Pete Moscariello: or 978 857-0560
Enrollment is limited.


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