Even More Small Game Support

I wanted to title this Same Sh _ _ , different day. Seems most good coaches in every sport are saying the same thing. Take a minute and read this piece on Box Lacrosse vs. Field Lacrosse. Of course, the evidence once again shows that the small game produces the better players. Unfortunately in the US the idiot parents insist that everything be done on a “real” surface. I guess we can take some solace in knowing that it’s not just hockey parents that are crazy.

Is Box Lacrosse the Key to Success?


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5 Responses to “Even More Small Game Support”

  1. joshneumann Says:

    Thanks for sharing this article coach Boyle, I will be passing it along to the parents of my lacrosse academy. In BC (where I coach) and Ontario lacrosse parents are slowly turning into hockey parents with their kids playing on 2-3 field lacrosse teams and 1-2 box lacrosse teams which leaves little if any time to play another sport or to learn the ropes in the weight room as both box and field run year round. I am in a fortunate situation where I run a school based academy and see my athletes during school hours with no league to play in and have decided to only play in 1 tournament per year. We will spend the 9.5 months of the school year teaching fundamental lacrosse skills (catching, throwing, scooping and carrying) through small sided games and drills. The games and drills are set up to incorporate the strategies required to participate in any invasive team sport, starting with 2 vs 1 and building out from there. The parents have noticed huge improvements in their sons skills and are starting to understand that a better than 2:1 practice to games ratio is where real improvement will take place.

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