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A Long Slow Walk to Nowhere or Watching Hamsters

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Just thought I’d reblog this one. ( and yes, you could make a case for walking if you train really hard on the other days.)

Originally posted on Michael Boyle's Blog:

This was the second of a series I wrote a few years ago based on my visit to a commercial fitness facility. I was moved to repost/ revise it after I walked by a commercial fitness center in a mall. All I could think of was watching hamsters on the wheel in the HabiTrail.

In part 1 I covered weight training. To review, look at what everyone else is doing and, don’t do it. Pretty simple. The Charles Staley 180 Principle. Everyone benching, think more rows. Just keep telling yourself, do the opposite. Guy does arms for an hour. You should do legs. Just a thought. How many people walked by you on their hands today? My guess unless you went to the circus was zero.

In regards to “cardio”, the same is true. I hate the term cardio. Most of the people I saw in the gym the day…

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ACL Prevention

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ACL prevention and ACL rehab just come down to good training!

Originally posted on Michael Boyle's Blog:

The key to ACL Prevention is adding hops to the prevention. Medial and Lateral Hops with a stable landing should be a required exercise in any ACL injury prevention program. 

Too many of the “canned” ACL prevention programs focus on jumps ( 2 legs) and neglect hops ( starting and landing on the same leg). For hops to truly be effective they must be done both medially ( toward the midline) and laterally ( away from the midline). The mechanism of injury is almost always a non-linear single leg landing or attempted deceleration. Hopping teaches the landing skills so vital in ACL prevention.

To learn more you can go to and check out my Plyometric Training DVD

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Nice Article on Hilary Knight Practicing with the Ducks

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Nice LA Times piece on Hilary Knight’s day with the Ducks.

Are You Dieting to Increase Your Weight?

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I know, any time I link to a Mercola article the haters come out. Here’s another thought provoking one. We need to be careful with artificial sweeteners. ( and probably anything artificial)

This Popular Sweetener Could Send You Into a Pre Diabetic State in a Few days

Nine Reasons I Swear

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Someone brought up the use of profanity on today and it made me think of this

Originally posted on Michael Boyle's Blog:

This is another Joe Ehrmann classic from Inside Out Coaching. I’ll simply print the list from page 204.

Nine Reasons I Swear

It pleases my mom so much

It is a display of my manliness

It proves I have great self control

It indicates how clearly my mind functions

It makes conversation so pleasant

It leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind as to my upbringing

It impresses people

It makes me a very desirable personality to women and children

It is an unmistakable sign of my culture and refinement

Next time I am at a loss for words, I’m going to try to choose better ones.

Read Inside Out Coaching.

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When Does Development Become the Athletes Responsibility?

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Another great piece from USA Hockey looking at the athletes role in development. If you are nagging your kid at 14 to work out, shoot pucks, stickhandle etc. you are probably wasting your time. If they don’t want it at 14, they probably won’t ever.

When Development Becomes the Players Responsibility

Should My Child Be Playing Up

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This is a good piece from USA Hockey on playing up. I must confess my daughter had always played up. One piece of advice from my friend Kevin Kneeld.  ” if your son or daughter is not one of the five best players on their team, they do not need to play up”. This makes a lot of sense to me. If your child plays up and is a very strong offensive player at the higher levels from a hockey standpoint it can be beneficial to play up. If your child plays up and struggles to score move them back down. The key is to be able to be an offensive player at any level you play at. Players who play up and suddenly become grinders, dumping pucks in, are going backward not forward in development. My son is a late December birthday and struggles a bit at his age level in the first year of each level as he plays against kids almost two years older in some cases. He really can’t play up.

The other issue to deal with in playing up is the psycho-social aspect of being around older kids and being in the dressing room and hearing conversations they don’t need to hear. You need to consider that aspect also as you chase “development”.

Should My 10 Year Old Play Up?


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