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Biggest Loser Secrets- We’re All Fat Again

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I’ve made no secret that I hate The Biggest Loser. I will admit to watching part of one episode and then never watching again. It is everything that is wrong about fat loss and our industry. Screaming, mean, uneducated trainers have made millions and become celebrities while injuring people in a made for TV farce. Read this

Biggest Loser Secrets- We’re All Fat Again

The Rising Cost of Youth Sports in Money and Emotion

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Another good article on the sporting version of the Race to Nowhere from the NY Times.

Fun fact. Pat Aufiero of Winchester, Ma ( former MBSC clients and husband of current MBSC client Meghan) sent me this article. Quoted in the article is MBSC client and noted youth sports expert Bob Bigelow ( also of Winchester and father of MBSC staff member Steve Bigelow). How’s that for one degree of separation.

The Rising Cost of Youth Sports, in Money and Emotion

Talking to Your Kids Before ( or after) The Game

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Heres another great post about youth sports. It made me happy because I say these words all the time. Yes, I do my share of “car coaching” and my daughter did once tell a friend “it is really important to play well if the game is far away” but, I always say these words.

Want know what they are?

The Only Words You Need Before or After a Game

Thoughts On Cholesterol

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As many of you know I have a general distrust of medical science. I have moderately high cholesterol ( low 200’s) but, have avoided statins for years ( thank god, I was right on that one). Just curious what others think?

7 Factors to Consider If You Are Told Your Cholesterol is Too High

Should a Ten Year Old Change Teams?

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Here’s a great answer on whether your ten year old needs to move to a “high level” from USA Hockey’s ADM courtesy of Ken Martel. Before you read it, here’s my two cents. If your child is happy and improving, don’t do anything.

Should My Ten Year Old Switch Teams?



Pitching and Catching Clinic at MBSC

Posted in Uncategorized on January 14, 2015 by mboyle1959

High School Baseball Season is coming. If you are looking for a great pitching/catching clinic for your kids come to MBSC on Sunday January 25th. We are extremely proud to have 5 MLB  current and former players including Rich Hill ( former Red Sox pitcher) ,Jeremy Bleich,Matt Hyde,Chad Epperson ( Red Sox Minor League Catching Coordinator)  and Steve Lomasney as well as coaches and scouts join us for a morning of instruction for high school pitchers and catchers. The goal of this camp is to improve the pitching and catching skills of each athlete. This camp provides a very low camper to coach ratio in a great learning environment.
Campers will receive instruction from major league coaches, scouts and players.
Pitchers will receive instruction on mechanics, grip, footwork and fielding
Catchers will receive instruction on mechanics, blocking, receiving, footwork and throwing
29 Draper Street, Woburn, MA
$200.00 per High School Athlete
Only 20 pitchers/5 catchers…spots will fill fast
Call 781-938-1330 or Email to register

PS- We filled about 1/2 the spots in one day so call today.

Eight Lessons for Leading Kids from Derek Jeter’s Dad

Posted in Uncategorized on January 13, 2015 by mboyle1959

I was lucky enough to meet Derek Jeter during my two years with the Red Sox and was impressed by his humility. He walked up to me and said ” hi I’m Derek” as if I might not know. If you read this you’ll understand where his values came from.

Eight Lessons for Leading Kids from Derek Jeter’s Dad


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