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Is the Food Industry Using the Tobacco Industry Playbook?

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This is a great article that will really make you question whether you can believe anything the food industry writes.

Is the Food Industry Using the Tobacco Playbook?

Originally posted on Michael Boyle's Blog:

Recently I received an article that was as disturbing as any I have read. The title is The Perils of Ignoring History: Big Tobacco Played Dirty and Millions Died. How Similar Is Big Food?  The really scary part is that the authors, Kelly Brownell and Kenneth Warner, are not two easily dismissed fringe nutritionists but rather work at a couple of places you may have heard of, Yale University and University of Michigan. The authors have studied the actions of the tobacco industry beginning in the fifties and have come away with some frightening parallels.

The findings of the paper are, as I said, disturbing;

“The tobacco industry had a playbook, a script, that emphasized personal responsibility, paying scientists who delivered research that instilled doubt, criticizing the “junk” science that found harms associated with smoking, making self-regulatory pledges, lobbying with massive resources to stifle government action, introducing “safer” products, and simultaneously manipulating…

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Origins of the Workout Warrior- How Mike Mamula Changed the Combine

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I was just interviewed for in a great article on the history of combine training. Take a second and read it if you get the chance.

Origins of the Workout Warrior


Maybe Someone is Finally Getting It

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Take a look at this great case of crime and punishment?

Costly Brawl

MBSC Mentorship April 6-9th

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Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning is happy to announce the dates for our next mentorship. The first mentorship of 2015 will be held April 6-9th at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning in Woburn, Ma.

Space is limited to 12

Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning would like to invite strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and other health professionals to participate in its Strength and Conditioning Mentorship Program. This program was designed to educate industry professionals on current training techniques through physical participation, workout observation, and in depth discussions with Mike Boyle and his qualified staff. Participants will be introduced to the latest injury reduction and performance enhancement modalities of training.

Spots will fill fast as we are limited to 12
Register today!


Another Vote Against Specializing- This Time From the NFL

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There is so much evidence against specialization that I can’t figure out why anyone specializes. This quote from article might be the best quote ever:

“If these kids are hearing they need to specialize in one sport, it’s mostly because of business and the ego around these coaches,” said Andrew Bark, founder of Student Sports, which runs the annual Elite 11 Quarterback Competition. “You have a lot of untrained or minimally trained adults basically either building their business of club sports, or you have leagues and teams and coaches who only care about their own wins and losses. But the truth is exactly what your [ESPN] numbers say. Playing other sports makes a lot of sense.”

to read the rest of the article, go to this link from

Great Business Questions

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One of our former athletes wanted to ask a few business questions. As I answered, I realized that I’d like to share my answers with you guys.

What is a typical day like for you?- To answer this one I decided to save myself some writing. You can read this post if you haven’t already.

As a manager, what do you do? My big responsibility now is staff education and training. The best way for me to make our business better is to have our staff be well prepared. I’m an educator and a quality control person for the company more than a day to day manager.

What advice can you give regarding career advancement for young managers? Know the area you are going to manage. “Walk a mile in their shoes”. Make sure you have done any job you will be supervising another in. Also, practice The Golden Rule , ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Treat people as you would want to be treated.

What has been your biggest learning experience? There have been many. Starting a business was the biggest experience in itself. We started in an industry that really didn’t exist and had to find and nurture a market. This was very difficult with no business education. However, most of the successful business people I know had very little formal business education and did lots of things “wrong”. Hard work, common sense, and a strong desire not to fail corrects a lot of wrongs.

How does your organization use values, vision, and mission statements? To be honest, we don’t, at least not in any formal way. We keep it simple. We practice the Golden Rule. People always wonder how we have been so successful. I tell them if treating employees like family and treating customers like guests is good business, then we have figured out good business. Too many businesses lack common sense. Our philosophy is the customer is always right until they mistreat our employees, then they are wrong. Our employees matter more than our customers. We’ll lose a customer if our employee is correct. No customer is so important that they can mistreat an employee.

How does your organization use goals and objectives? Probably in a very simple way. The goal is a very large one. We want to change lives. I tell my staff we are in the life changing business, not the fitness business. We are the best medical practitioners in the world because we prescribe exercise and proper diet. The objective? Make people feel important. If you do that, you can be successful.

Vote for MBSC!

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Can you take a second and vote for Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning as the North Shore’s best training facility? Thanks in advance.

Make sure to click renew and scroll down to Training Facility. Thankfully we are not under “health clubs”.



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