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10 Presenting Tips from Success Magazine’s Darren Hardy

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Here’s a nice PDF with 10 presentation tips from Darren Hardy. 

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Mike Boyle Interview on Off-Season Hockey Training

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Jamie McDonald did a great interview with me for Mass Hockey on off-season training

Mass Hockey: Is there a specific mistake that even well-meaning parents are making?

Mike Boyle: As parents, we think that the way we get good at something is the way they get good at something. As an adult, if you’re a writer, you can get really good at writing. But to learn to be a writer, there are a bunch of things you need to do first. Your parents wouldn’t start you out writing a book.

It’s the same thing with sports. People are saying, “I want my kid to be a good hockey player, so I’m going to put him in hockey, in all the summer camps, in summer tournaments, 100 games a year, three different teams.” And the reality is that those kids tend to not be the ones who succeed. They tend to get bypassed in their team by the kid who played lacrosse or baseball and did some martial arts or tumbling. That kid’s a better athlete.

And then you get in to the on-ice game. The amount of time a kid actually experiences a puck in a youth hockey game is somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 seconds. If a kid plays 100 games, he gets 15 minutes of puck contact. If you think about how long it takes to get to 100 games, driving to a rink and back, you realize you’ve spent 300 hours to accumulate 15 minutes. You could do that in one good skill session. Parents don’t always see it that way.

TO read the entire interview go to:

St Louis Cards Manager Mike Matheny on Parents and Youth Sports

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Here’s a great interview with St Louis Cardinals Matheny on youth sports and parents. Please take a second and read it.

PS- I just ordered the book

Matheny Manifesto

Deadlift or Squat? What’s the Difference.

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When people ask me the difference between a squat and a deadlift 

I used to have a simple answer. If you want to know what I think now, click here

Deadlift or Squat, What’s the Difference.

To read lots more, why not a take a look at


A Great Reminder- Why Kids Quit Sports

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This is a great reminder from the Changing the Game Project

Why Kids Quit Sports

I have to admit I need to remind myself of these things every week or so.

Starting a High School Strength Program

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I wrote this quite a while ago but, just revisited it for a discussion thread.

Frequently at clinics I speak with high school coaches who are interested in starting or improving a strength and conditioning program at their school. Most often they are looking for guidance in setting up the program and, always want to talk sets and reps . Coaches ask should I do BFS, use the Husker Program etc. etc. Much to their dismay, I generally want to discuss organization and administrative concepts because, in my experience, these are the real keys. Setup and execution make the program run not sets and reps.
If you get one thing out of this article remember this quote (author unknown).
” A bad program done well is better than a good program done poorly”….

click to read the rest Starting a High School Strength Program

Why Aren’t You a Member?

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I’m sitting in my car, answering questions on and it occurs to me that I don’t “advertise” enough. In spite of all I’ve read about marketing I still find it a struggle to “ask for the order”. Thank god I chose coaching over sales.

Here’s my pitch. For $14.95 a month I’ll answer your questions every day. That’s a pretty good deal? In addition, people like Alwyn Cosgrove, Charlie Weingroff and a host of other regularly chime in. Yes, $14.95 a month. I think that’s a pretty good deal. You can try it for $1 for three days but, let me warn you billing starts on day 4.

Take a chance? Sign up for 


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