Trauma Injuries versus Overuse Injuries

Trauma versus Overuse?

There are two types of injuries, trauma and overuse. Our sports medical model is based in the trauma model. The trauma model works great if you sustained a sports injury from a collision etc.. It doesn’t work as well for gradual onset injuries like tendonitis.

The problem is if the mechanisms have nothing in common, chances are the treatments are not going to be similar either. Trauma treatment revolves around the RICE concept. ( rest, ice, compression, elevation) or possibly surgery. The overuse model involves much more. If your problem took time to develop, it will probably not be solved with a conventional approach. Rest and ice will only cure your tendonitis until you start working out again.

Just remember, cleaning up the puddle is not the same as fixing the leak. If you have water on the floor, you’d better look on the roof. The solution is not on the floor.

We posted three articles about Sports Hernias that illustrate just this concept at


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  1. John D'Amico Says:

    Some comments in regards to Coach Boyle’s excellent article:

    Work being done by the Austrians, Irish and Aussies suggest that early specialization in sport may lead to a diminished skill set development with increased chance of injury as a result.

    Unorganized (free play) and organized (guided play) activities are key components to successful skill set development in children.

    A child covered in dirt and grass stains is a child who is building a huge skill set. : Kelvin Giles, Movement Dynamics, Australia

    and finally….
    I can think of no better way to acquire skill in movement as a child than running home through the woods at twilight, 5 minutes late for dinner. Those of us over 40 probably remember doing this. I don’t believe children these days are allowed in the woods.

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