Wrapup and Preview

Next weeks Strengthcoach Podcast features Matt McGetitgan from Air Force you can go to to listen . I’m really looking forward to that interview. This week on we had great articles. If you have a minute log on. You can try the site for 14 days for $1.

Jonas Beauchemin of Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning and Todd Hamer’s of Robert Morris articles both have generated some great buzz. Next week we have a follow up to my Are You Afraid of Deadlifts article by Dewey Nielsen of Impact Ju-Jitsu. I had a chance to read it already and it is excellent. In addition, I just finished a very video-heavy article on ACL injury prevention called Is ACL Injury Prevention Just Good Training? In addition we will run the last article in Adam Feit’s How to Make it Big Series, How to Make it Big Part 3. If you haven’t read the series, search for parts 1 and 2 before you read three. This is an excellent series for any young person looking to enter the field of strength and conditioning. Have a Happy Halloween and a great weekend.

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