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Next week on is soft tissue week. We have three great articles all dealing with different aspects of soft tissue work.

Trigger Point 101- Partick Ward.

An excellent basic look at trigger points and how to deal with them.

Non-Invasive Treatment For Soft Tissue Injuries: The Concurrent Application of Active Release Techniques® in the Present Paradigm of Sports Injury Rehabilitation

MATT FONTAINE, D.C.- Matt takes a look specifically at the use of ART for soft tissue injury.

Soft Tissue Work for Tough Guys– Tony Gentilcore

This is a reprint of an article Tony wrote at Some recent forum posts asked about some of the things Tony covered in the article so, rather than re-invent the wheel I simply asked Tony if we could print his article and he was nice enough to agree.

Should be a great week for information as usual. Make sure to check it out at


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