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This week will be the first time we try a theme week for articles. I continue to receive great new content every week and, the thought occurred to me to try to group some of the content together. Our Sports Hernia series caused some readers to ask questions about soft tissue work and inspired other readers to submit articles describing different techniques. One point we have continued to espouse on is that any soft tissue work is good soft tissue work. Rather than advocate one style of soft tissue work, our approach has been to encourage readers to seek out a great practitioner rather than a specific technique. I have always said that the magic is in the hands, not the initials. With that said this week on we have


Soft Tissue Work for Tough Guys- Tony Gentilcore

Tony goes over the use of soft tissue techniques in the gym in an excellent article that takes a “do it yourself” approach.


Trigger Point 101- Patrick Ward

Pat discusses the finer points of trigger points. I thought this article gives an excellent overview of a term many of us use but, may not really understand.


Non-Invasive Treatment For Soft Tissue Injuries:

The Concurrent Application of Active Release Techniques® in the Present  Paradigm of Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Matt Fontaine, D.C.

Matt gets specific in discussing the use of ART for injuries. ART is another technique that gets mentioned frequently but, may not be fully understood.


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Also  make sure to download the latest podcast off the site. Anthony has another great interview, this time with Air Force Academy Strength and Conditioning Coach Matt McGettigan.