Corrective Exercise Specialists

Laree Draper, member and wife of bodybuilding legend Dave Draper, has put together an excellent and fairly comprehensive list of “corrective exercise specialists”. Interestingly enough, the list is littered with writers and members. I’m really proud that our community is being recognized across the country and, around the world. You can view the list at


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  1. The community has taught me a great deal, Michael, as have your articles and the podcast. As the basic corrective exercise information spreads, the main frustration we’ve been hearing in our forum of mostly moderate-aged trainees, few of whom are part of the fitness industry, is they don’t know where to start, and they don’t know how to find local, hands-on help. I thought we could start collecting names, make ourselves a directory of sorts. In gathering names and links, I’m often unsure of the S&C folks because while I know you’re all qualified, it’s unclear sometimes whether you work with only athletes or are open to non-athletes who just want to move better. I’ll continually update the list, so if any of the readers are assisting people who want to clear up imbalances, please drop me an email as noted in blog post directory and your name and link will be added. Thanks for the callout, Michael. See in you Long Beach at PerformBetter!

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