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Posted in Updates on November 17, 2008 by mboyle1959

The last two weeks have been huge weeks for content on the site. Anthony Renna from has posted too many audio interviews to list. If you like stuff for your IPOD, check out the latest interviews but, make sure you backtrack and read the articles first.

In addition, we did our first “theme week” and featured three excellent articles about differing soft tissue techniques. Coming up this week is “random thoughts” week. In a strange coincidence, I received two articles, one from Jon Messner and one from Justin Levine, both similar and both with the working title “Random Thoughts”. I liked them both and added some of my own random thoughts in the area of nutrition. You can look forward to three more great articles this week, all just “random thoughts” on coaching and training.

In addition we have Episode 24 of the podcast. This week we have Coach Todd Hamer from Robert Morris University as our guest.

Last but certainly not least for those of you interested in income opportunites, Anthony Renna of Strengthcoach Podcast fame is launching . The first webinar will be “Making Money with and Perform Better Using the Affiliate Programs”. This will be an excellent opportunity to learn about an easy way to increase your income while promoting great products. Look for lots more educational offerings from .

Hope you enjoy another great week on the site.