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The Truth Hurts

Posted in Uncategorized on November 28, 2008 by mboyle1959

Lets face a few facts. Most of what the “fitness’ experts have been telling us for the last twenty years is wrong. What’s the song title? Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word . The baby boomers reading this might recall the Fonz on Happy Days and his complete inability to say the word “wrong”. Ok, I’ll start.

Training with machines. Sorry, we were wrong.
Took up jogging and got injured. Oops, sorry. Wrong again
Hurt your back at Yoga. Sorry again.
Gained weight on your high-carb low-fat diet. Oops.

The truth hurts but, here it comes.

The best training is most often done standing and does not include any type of machine.
Aerobic exercise tends to cause a lot of orthopedic problems and is not the best way to lose weight or to get in shape.
Yoga just might not be good for everyone.
High-carb low-fat was a total disaster.

There, I said it. Sorry. More advice?

Beware of fads. They will come and go. I started lifting 37 years ago with a York 110 lb set. I survived Nautilus and HIT. I remember that eggs were good for you and then bad for you and are now good again. However, last week I read another study that linked eggs to diabetes. I eat eggs, yolks and all.

All I can say is the more things change the more they stay the same. Get a bar and some dumbbells and do simple stuff. After your done, eat some food.