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Another week and three more articles. A few weeks ago we had a great forum exchange about circuit training. Jim Reeves sent along an article showing a sample circuit he uses with his athletes. This should be up today or tomorrow.

Functional Circuit Training- Jim Reeves

Our next article is a little different.
Competing for a Cause: 2nd Annual Ultimate Fitness Challenge for Charity- Jeremy Frisch

Jeremy’s article details a program he used to create a great strength oriented charity event. I think our readers will really enjoy this piece.

Last and hopefully not least we have Advanced Program Design Part 1. This article is based on my Advanced Program Design seminar and DVD. I felt the need to get this on paper after some of the recent forum exchanges.

PS- Save the date for our first Strength Coach Webinar. It will be Monday, Dec 15th. We will doing Fat Loss Secrets for the New Year. The webinar will be 90 minutes. Sixty to seventy minutes of lecture with a twenty minute Q+A.

Hope you enjoy the week


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  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Take a look at A Joint by Joint Approach to Warm Up and Training available from from Perform Better. This is my latest work and deals specifically with the issue of anti-rotation you bring up.

  2. I wanted to know what the latest DVD that Mike Boyle has out; I was reading some interesting articles on the TPI site; was wondering about core training, rotational type exercises that do not stress the back. He had some good ones listed, wondering where i can get a more comprehenisve look at it. These seemed to be newer ideas , where he was saying to no longer do this stretch or exericse.

    if you know of anything please let me know

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