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Not to blow my own horn but I was in Las Vegas on Sunday speaking to the Major League Baseball Strength and Conditioning Coaches. It was an honor to get to speak to such a great group of coaches but, as a result I’m a little behind.

For this week on we have:
Sprint Interval Training – “It’s a HIIT!”
A research paper discussing the superior health and performance benefits
of high-intensity intermittent exercise over low-to moderate-intensity
continuous exercise.
By: Mark J. Smith, Ph.D

This is a fifty page article but, please take the time to read it. It is invaluable.

Advanced Program Design Part 1

This is an article I put together based on my Advanced Program Design DVD set ( available at .
I already got an unbelievable testimonial from Brad Kazcmarski one of our authors and a regular on the forum:

“This Article pays for the site fee for all by itself! Wonderful info for those who haven’t seen the dvd’s yet. Great reminder to those of us that have. As we advance in our learning, we tend to forget the importance of looking back and remembering. Great, in-depth article! 

This should be the foundational article for everyone who is thinking of joining, or just joined. It really represents what the site is all about. Live, active, up to date, info.”

In addition we will have a third article we haven’t selected yet. Truth is I have a ton of great ones.

PS- Don’t forget Episode 25 of the StrengthCoach Podcast with this weeks guest Jim Reeves of Mind and Muscle in Missisauga, Ontario.

PSS- Save the date for our first Strength Coach Webinar. It will be Monday, Dec 15th at 8pm EST. We will doing “Fat Loss Secrets for the New Year”. The webinar will be 90 minutes. Sixty to seventy minutes of lecture with a twenty minute Q+A. members get a $10 discount so look for the coupon code on the site. For More Info, click here.

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  1. Mike I have read a few articles where you feel the need to apologize for your experience, knowledge or coaching ability. Be proud of it! It’s ok to “butter your own toast” once in a while.

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