ACL Prevention is Just Good Training

I recently wrote an article at with the title ACL Prevention is Just Good Training. The thesis of the article was that the best way to prevent ACL injuries was to train properly. Last night on the evening news there was another “earth shattering” report that proper warm-ups could prevent ACL injuries. This was illustrated by a young woman performing a dynamic warm-up. Let’s get something straight. The idea that any of these things are new or different is fundamentally flawed. The news flash is akin to the headline “food shown to prevent hunger”. What people don’t get is that almost any intervention has been shown to decrease ACL injuries. Every warm-up program, every training program, every intervention used ( including something as simple as standing on a balance disk) seems to have been successful in decreasing ACL injuries. The bottom line is that young athletes, particularly young female athletes, need to train with injury prevention as the primary goal. Just remember, proper training prevents injuries.

PS- I moved the article to the “free articles” section, so click the link above.

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  1. > I moved the article to the “free articles” section, so click the link above.

    That doesn’t seem to work. I get: “The resource you have requested is available only to current members.”

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