Mastering the Obvious – Part 2

Last year I wrote an article called Mastering the Obvious. That article referred to a study showing that weight training plus dieting was better than just dieting for weight loss. I have realized that you should never take anything for granted, not matter how obvious it may appear to you. My friend Gary Pitts sent this piece:

“In 1996, a Quebec Superior Court judge held a personal trainer liable ($ 3,000.00 in damages) because she failed to warn a client to move her head out of the way of a lat pulldown bar. The client was injured when an S hook tore her left nostril. Evidence adduced proved that the client had been advised to keep neutral spine. However, as there was contradictory evidence regarding whether the client had been informed to move her head out of the way- the Judge believed the client and her friend rather than the personal trainer.”

The conclusion. Warn your clients that S-hooks can rip nostrils.

My advice, remember Murphy’s law. Murphy’s Law states “ what can go wrong will and probably at the worst moment”. I have a Boyle’s Law version for the gym “anything stupid you think could never happen in a gym setting will in fact happen”.

Our job as coaches and trainers is to warn our clients of any “obvious” potential problems. At this years World Golf Fitness Summit I showed the video below and added the comment that you must tell the client to move out of the way of the ball as it drops. People laughed but, I was serious.

Just remind yourself, nothing is too obvious.

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