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This Week on

Posted in Uncategorized on December 21, 2008 by mboyle1959

This week on we have three new articles and a great chart, courtesy of Dave Knight.

Basic 2 Day Program- this is my first attempt at actually posting programs. I hope you like it. This is an article on the basic two day we use for our non-athlete clients. I’m going to try to follow this up with some different two, three and four days versions.

Getting Back to Basics – Dana Cavalea ( NY Yankees). This is another great article by Dana that I’m sure you’ll like. Dana’s articles are always filled with great common sense stuff that will help any athlete, not just a baseball player

Prelipin’s Chart- By Tim Kontos, CSCS, USAW
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Virginia Commonwealth University

Tim talks about using Prelipins chart to design his programs at VCU. This is the first of what I hope will be a lot of articles from Tim.

Rep Max Calculation– as I mentioned above, Dave has supplied us with a simple chart to calculate maxes based on reps. This is a great simple tool and thanks to dave for providing it for our members.

Looks to be another great week. Make sure you log on.