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This week as always we have three excellent new articles. Two are written by authors you are becoming familiar with, Jon Messner and Anthony Renna, the last one comes to us from Tyler Fagan, a first time contributor to the site.
Reactive Agility- Tyler Fagan
Tyler shows some excellent YouTube clips of reactive agility drills.
Chin up or Chin Down- Jon Messner
If you read Jon’s last article you’ll see the same style. This article is loaded with pictures and asks some good questions. I know I was a little more conscious of head positions this week after reading Jon’s article.
Does Your Ham Fit Into Your Pot- Anthony Renna
After my Advanced Program Design two part series Anthony asks the question “Does Your ham Fit Into Your Pot”? I love the way Anthony thinks and I loved this article.

PS- Don’t forget Episode 26 of the StrengthCoach Podcast with this weeks guest Nick Tuminello.
PSS- Tomorrow night (Dec 29th) we’ll repeat our Strength Coach Webinar -Fat Loss Secrets for the New Year. The webinar will be 75 minutes. 45 minutes of lecture with a 30 minute Q+A.

Check out a few impressions of the first one.

“Thanks for hosting the webinar last night. I think if you did one everyday, I would change my schedule around to be present. In fact, I would make it mandatory for my staff to be present as well. “

“Great job with presentation tonight. I regularly work with men and women in the “obese category” along with the athletes I coach and my approach is most similar to what you presented. That be known, as always I come away with some great stuff from your superb ability to convey practical information. Looking forward to the next one.”

Hope you enjoy the week. Make sure to log on and check out

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