A Great Video for Coaches

The video below is of University of Minnesota Hockey Coach Don Lucia talking about youth sports. Please take a few minutes out of your day and watch it. If you like it, please share it.

4 Responses to “A Great Video for Coaches”

  1. […] is a step in the right direction for phys-ed, watch this video before you even THINK about coaching kids (try playing with them at the end of practice), coaching for biological age round-up, the power of […]

  2. From the perspective of someone who teaches martial arts and coaches some competitors, very good words. Even though the Gophers are our rivals (U of M – Duluth) that vid show’s just why MN is a top notch team; good things flow from the top.

  3. I won’t tell guys like Brian Gionta, Patrick Kane, Martin St. Louis etc. that genetics plays a roll with height in hockey. I tell my coaches if you don’t want to deal with parents DO NOT get involed with youth sports. Sometimes parent like their kids need education on the sport.

    NHL/Pro. coaches have to deal with owners, GM’s, fans, press etc.. Winning is a variable that needs attention and I get his point.

  4. […] speech/video by Don Lucia, University of Minnesota hockey coach. I got this video from reading Coach Mike’s Boyle’s blogĀ …which if you haven’t read it, should be on your to-do […]

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