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This week on we have a couple of reprinted articles, a new article and a new video. Why reprinted articles? I think there is some great stuff that our readers may not have seen.

First up today is Training is Like Farming. This is an article that I wrote a few years ago and dug up in response to a forum post. When I realized it was not on the site I decided to add it. The point is obvious and is contained in the title. There is no quick fix, only the law of the farm.

Second is one of my all time favorite articles, Variety in Strength Training. This is the best periodization article ever written. It has appeared under this title and also in the NSCA Journal under the title Five Steps to Improving Your Football Strength Program with slight changes. When people ask about how we design and periodize I often refer them to this article. It is reprinted with kind permission of the author, Coach Charles Poliquin (

Next up is The Vehicle to Success. This is another great article by Shelby Turcotte. Shelby is one of the good young writers I have been lucky enough to meet over the past few years.

Last is a video clip of one of my favorite stretches, the Yoga Table. I’m hoping to add a video of the week to the site every week from here on in.

As always don’t forget Episode 27 of the StrengthCoach Podcast There is also a link on the home page of
Hope you check out the site.