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One of our members, Ray McCarthy, asked me to explain the Yoga Table, an active stretch that was mentioned in one of the workouts we posted. I actually searched some Yoga sites for a picture and could not find one. So I shot a video clip. I’m not sure where I came up with this but, it works.

The Yoga Table , as we perform it, is a great exercise and serves a bunch of purposes. The key is to lift up with the glutes ( glute activation) while stabilizing the spine by drawing in the abs ( core activation). What this does is stretch the psoas in an active isolated manner ( glute contraction with hip extension and lumbar stabilization equals psoas stretch). An added benefit is an upper body stretch in the shoulders.

The shoulder flexibility may limit the hip stretch in some tight athletes so the move becomes more of an upper body stretch than a hip stretch.

This is actually one of my favorite active flexibility exercises because it has so much “bang for the buck”.

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  2. While hips are in extension, neck is in flexion. Might keeping the head in neutral be a better option?

  3. mboyle1959 Says:

    Tim- I usually use it in the tri-set w/ olympic lifts.

  4. Mike, I like this stretch as an activator, stabilizer, mobilizer for the hips and shoulders. If you place the hand/fingers forward, do you think this compliments the sleeper stretch that overhead athletes employ to prevent against GIRD. Or would it be too much of a shoulder impingement position for a overhead pitcher?


  5. Hey Mike – that is an awesome stretch. I used to think the yoga table stretch was the 3-D hip ext. rot stretch on a trainers table…what a dumby. Where do yo put the yoga stretch in? Are you doing it as a mobility drill in the explosive triplex or in the quad plex as an A.I. stretch, or during activation in the warm-up or does it matter?



  6. Yoga tables are great and I have incorporated them with my clients the last 2 years. Most general population clients have a hard time becuase of shoulder tightness, but those athletic, really benefit from the glute work it provides.

  7. Great video Mike. I will have to admit that I really struggled with this exercise but over time I am feeling more of a hip stretch than a shoulder stretch.

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