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Training for the NFL Combine

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20 Yard Shuttle

The twenty yard shuttle run or the Pro Agility drill as it is also know is the standard test of lateral movement ability. The drill involves a five yard sprint to the right, followed by a 10 yard sprint to the left and finishing with a 5 yard sprint to the right. The drill is alternately called a 5-10-5 drill for obvious reasons. Scouts generally consider good lateral movement to be .4 seconds less than the forty yard dash time. In other words, an athlete who runs a 4.4 second forty yard dash should be capable of a 4.0 Pro Agility.

Technique here is a bit controversial. Many successful coaches are having excellent results with competing philosophies. In fact, this drill is one that has shown the largest improvement over the past few years as techniques get better. Our current technique is as follows
1- Narrow start stance with a crossover start
2- Five yards right in 3 steps ( please note, one missed step necessitates two steps as the athlete must touch with the right hand and right foot). The big key here is to land on the outside edge of the left foot and execute am immediate crossover step.
3- Ten yards left in 6 steps. Step five is a hard right foot plant leading to another crossover.
4- Sprint three steps through the center.
5- Big keys- 12 steps. Missteps can turn 12 into 16 . The next big keys are great crossovers at both turns.

One area of controversy is touching the ground with the inside hand to get a low turn. Although we do not teach it most athletes are beginning to do it. Some scouts ignore this, others don’t. As many of these tests have been done for years, there are only basic rules and the process continues to evolve. As we have improved our teaching methods we have seen times move to .5 to .6 seconds lower than the forty yard dash and recently have begun to get athletes in the 3.9 range which seemed unachievable a few years ago.