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Not exactly sure about the order of articles for the week but, here’s the lineup.

Getting Strong and Learning to Squat. I had started this a while ago but, finished it in response to a couple of forum posts.

Hacking Your Strength Training- this is another Alwyn Cosgrove reprint. The piece was originally written for t-nation but, I wanted to share it with our readers,

The rest of the week is Springfield College week. Obviously as an alum I’m really proud of the work being done there. The program is unique as it run by the graduate students, many of which have worked for and with me.

We are lucky enough to get the return of Joe Bonyai to Joe is a grad student at Springfield and an excellent writer. He has a two-part article on Training for Soccer which will run the next two weeks.

We also have a video feature from Dan Liburd, another Springfield GA and a former  MBSC intern. I like this video as it shows the thinking that goes on in the Springfield College Strength and Conditioning facility.

As always don’t forget to check out Episode 28 of the Strength Coach Podcast at There is a great interview with Daniel Martinez from Elite Volleyball Performance in San Antonio, Texas.  Daniel is a very intelligent coach who is a competitive Olympic weightlifter and a frequent contributor to the forum.  As always, Anthony interviewed me about some of my articles and forum topics and Gray Cook answered a question about Ankle Mobility.

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