Video of the Week- Sled Pulls

A recent forum post asked about waist belts versus shoulder harnesses when doing sled work. If forced to make a choice, I like a waist belt better than shoulder harnesses but, actually prefer handles or a tricep rope to both. The video below shows NY Giant Zak DeOssie marching with 540 lbs. The handles allow a great acceleration position and really can help to create great body position. In our staff meeting today at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning we discussed how the sled march or sled push can be the perfect exercise for teaching the hip separation so necesary in sprinting.

Please note that weights differ based on surface. The key is to get body lean and keep it. The knee drive/ hip drive creates great action-reaction mechanics to teach how to push the ground and extend the hips.

An article on sled training can be found at this link

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  1. I know this may sound like a nothing question, but do you want the athlete to put his heels on the ground, or stay on the toes?

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