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The Mirror and the Window

Posted in Uncategorized on February 21, 2009 by mboyle1959

The following came to me a few days ago from one of my former athletes, Mary Kate Jones, now an assistant strength coach at University of Louisville. Mary Kate is unique in that she is one of the first of our “kids” who grew up in our program as an athlete and went on to become a strength and conditioning coach. Mary Kate started with us as a 14 year old soccer player and never really left until grad school at Springfield Colleg. She was one of our best summer employees for about 6 years. I was both proud and flattered when I read this:

Hey Mike,

  So my birthday was a couple weeks ago and Adam game me a plaque with my favorite coaching quote on it.  I’ve had the quote hung up in my office ever since my first year at Springfield.  Its actually from one of your books so I figured I would let you know.
“Coaches must realize that their athletes are the window through which others see them. If another college coach came into your weight room would you be proud or ashamed? Would you make excuses for the poor technique or, accept the pats on the back for what great lifters your athletes are? The other factor, even more important than your athletes being the window through which others see you, is that your athletes are the mirror in which you see yourself. Your lifters are a direct reflection of you. When you watch your athletes are you happy with yourself as a teacher and coach?”
I guess its kind of the philosophy I’ve always tried to follow.  Anyways, I thought you might think its cool and I figured if I have your words on a plaque I should let you know.  Unfortunately I’m not big time enough yet to have a lot of wall space in my office so it would take up the WHOLE thing so its not hung up.  EVENTUALLY when I have a bigger office, it’ll be up, rather than just on a piece of paper like it is now.

The book she is referring to is Designing Strength Training Programs and Facilities. You can download the book for free when you join