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This week on is a rehab week. We have three excellent articles that can help you keep your athletes healthy or keep them training when injured. In addition, we are upgrading our software to Membergate 7.0 so look for some new features later this week.

The first article comes from Dewey Neilsen of Impact Ju-Jitsu in Oregon. I think this is Dewey’s third article for the site. In addition, Dewey has become a frequent and valued forum contributor.

Commonly Ignored Soft Tissue Work for the Mixed Martial Artist is another great simple article. I like this piece but, think the focus is too narrow. Don’t make the mistake of skipping this and thinking “I don’t train MMA guys”. Dewey’s articles are always good and his information spans a broad range of sports.

Next up is another article from Anaheim Ducks Strength and Conditioning Coach Sean Skahan. Coaching the Injured Athlete is a bonus article as it is an article with a program included. As always, Sean’s points about dealing with injured athletes are right on target.

Last but certainly not least we have Working the Adductors by Patrick Ward. Working the Adductors does a great job of expanding on some of the ideas in the Sports Hernia series and giving practical tips for hands-on treatment and self-treatment.

Video of the Week is an adductor foam roll technique that allows you to get additional pressure into a key area. This will compliment both Dewey and Patrick’s articles. You can order my Foam Roller Techniques at Foam Roller Techniques DVD“> if you want to see more foam roll ideas.

As always don’t forget to check out the StrengthCoach Podcast at

For Episode 30, Anthony interviewed Jeff Macy, Strength Coach from the Milwaukee Bucks about challenges he is facing this time of year with his ball players. Also, he continued his 8-part series with Nick Winkelman about the Athletes’ Performance Methodology. In Part 2, Nick discusses Pre-hab.

In Episode 30.5, Gray CookPuts It All Together” in relation to his books, dvd’s and seminars. Check out the Strength Coach Podcast at

Hope you enjoy the week.


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