Reviewing the MBSC Winter Seminar

Time goes by so quickly. It has been ten days since our third annual MBSC Winter Seminar and I wanted to share a review written by Mike Robertson, one of the seminar speakers. The seminar was a huge success, we packed about 150 people into our facility for 5 one hour lectures. In addition, a number of people took advantage of our invite to come early and watch our athletes train. If you’d like to attend next year, make sure to go to and sign up for our mailing list.

After breakfast Saturday morning, my buddy (and IFAST member) Lance and I headed over to MBSC.   It was amazing to see how quickly the staff had turned the training facility into a lecture hall.

All presenters were excellent on this day, and there were a wide variety of topics.  Heres’ a brief rundown on the speakers and their presentations:

Brijesh Patel spoke on training basketball players.  This was a very comprehensive presentation, coverig everything from stretching and flexibility to strength and even conditioning work. 

Next up was John Pallof.  While you might not have heard of John before, he really is a brilliant PT and someone I hold in very high regard.  John’s presentation covered the hip – specifically hip impingments, and then sports hernias.  These are two budding areas of interest, so it was great to see someone cover it in presentation format.

The next presenter really caught me off guard.  I knew I had seen him before, but had no clue from here.  Turns out, he was a star in the WWE!  Chris Nowinski discussed concussions and the  long-term effects they have on people.  While this wasn’t necessarily within my scope of practice, it was definitely an informative and eye-opening presentation.

I spoke next on the topic of low back care.  My goal wasn’t necessarily to wow people with theory, methodology or the like, but instead to give them a conceptual idea of how I progress someone who suffers from low back pain.  As many of us know low back pain is often multi-factorial, yet many only focus on the symptoms – i.e. the pain in the lower back.  I hope this presentation, if nothing else, inspired people to improve their treatment skills and understand that the body works as a functional unit.

Eric Cressey spoke next on training baseball players, and specifically shoulder training.  I’m pretty sure Eric has forgotten more about shoulders than I’ll ever know, so it was great to have him show people not only what he’s doing, but all the information that he’s tracking along the way.  With all the great players coming through his facility, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for EC.

To wrap the day up, Michael Boyle presented on training hockey players.  Now, I hate to admit this, but I don’t have a ton of interest in hockey.  I never grew up around the sport, and it’s one of the few I can honestly say I don’t understand many of the rules to.

With that being said, however, Coach Boyle’s presentation was fantastic.  Even though many think of him as a “corrective” or “injury prevention” guy, this presentation really showed that while those are obvious foci of his programming, two of the primary goals are improving strength and power.  

I always enjoy Coach Boyle’s presentations, if for no other reason than he doesn’t mince words and you know exactly where he’s coming from.  I really appreciate that., and this presentation really reinforced a lot of my own thoughts on training athletes.

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