Hanks Big Adventure- Part 2

If you are a regular reader here or, have seen my most recent Perform Better
presentation you’ll appreciate Hank’s update. We first reported Hank’s progress
on Jan 27 as Hank’s Big Adventure.

Here is the latest update from Hanks Big Adventure
Hank’s blog for 2/18/09

I’m off to the slopes of the White Mountains for some skiing with my family. I’m
very excited about it, since I’ve skied once this year and have been looking
forward to this for a long time.

In my last blog I talked about my embarrassing night at the TD BankNorth Garden
when I couldn’t fit in the seat and was put in the handicapped section because I
was so fat.

Now, here are 10 POSITIVE things that have come with losing 110 pounds.

1. I can shop for clothes anywhere. No longer to I have to shop at in the
BIG MEN section or the big and tall stores.

2. I can fit in the seats at the TD BankNorth Garden.

3. I can sit in a restaurant booth.

4. I can walk five miles.

5. My feet don’t hurt.

6. I never go to bed feeling badly about how I’ve eaten.

7. I have energy I never thought I could feel again.

8. When I sweat, it’s from working out, not just being fat.

9. I can do multiple physical activities in a day.

10. I never feel like going to sleep after I eat.

These are just some of the positive changes that have become possible by losing
weight. Of course, I could not have done it without the help of Mike Boyle and
Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning in Winchester, MA. They are the best in
the world at what they do. They have changed my life and can help you change yours. It’s amazing what being around positive forces can do for your health.

I’ll report on my ski trip when I get back next week.



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  1. good work- if what I heard on Oprah is accurate, Hank probably added some length too. 🙂

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