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The Idiots Are Still At It

Posted in Uncategorized on February 28, 2009 by mboyle1959

I just received an email from a reader saying that a local middle school in his area had instituted Cardiovascular Days. Students use heartrate monitors and must run for 20 min at 160 BPM. This is one of the stupiedest things I have ever heard of at least thre reasons.

1- The 220-age formula is an estimate. It has been proven that nearly 70% of the population does not even fit the formula. In fact the formula is not even based on research. So even it was a good idea it would only be effective for 30% of the kids.

2- Distance training is widely accepted as one of the worst ways to train. Distance training disrupts the development of both speed and power. For statistical evidence check out Mark Smith’s article at Sprint Interval Training-It’s a HIIT

3- Distance training produces an almost 60% injury rate in females, slightly less in males according to a US Army study.

How’s that for three strikes. Inaccurate training that makes you slow and gets you hurt. Now that’s what I call a Physical Education program.