The Idiots Are Still At It

I just received an email from a reader saying that a local middle school in his area had instituted Cardiovascular Days. Students use heartrate monitors and must run for 20 min at 160 BPM. This is one of the stupiedest things I have ever heard of at least thre reasons.

1- The 220-age formula is an estimate. It has been proven that nearly 70% of the population does not even fit the formula. In fact the formula is not even based on research. So even it was a good idea it would only be effective for 30% of the kids.

2- Distance training is widely accepted as one of the worst ways to train. Distance training disrupts the development of both speed and power. For statistical evidence check out Mark Smith’s article at Sprint Interval Training-It’s a HIIT

3- Distance training produces an almost 60% injury rate in females, slightly less in males according to a US Army study.

How’s that for three strikes. Inaccurate training that makes you slow and gets you hurt. Now that’s what I call a Physical Education program.

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  1. The truth is there is something terribly wrong with the way we get the youth of this country active. It goes entirely against nature. As humans, more importantly as animals, we do 3 things. Which I have come to learn and from a few important people out there.

    1- Move around at a very slow, long, pace, I.E- walking, walking to find food or move location.
    2- Run Really fast for a short duration.

    3- Pick up something really heavy and maybe carry it.

    “Death before cross-country”- Boyle, my new fav. quote

  2. MIKE PLEASE WRITE AN ARTICLE WITH THAT TITLE !!!!! That’s the best belly laugh I’ve had in a long time.

    on a somber note, I believe I remember Len Kravitz saying that the 220 formula has no scientific basis whatsoever.

  3. adam moss Says:

    Taught middle school PE for 9 years and thought it would be better at the High School. Check this out.

    Track coach routinely sends sprinters on a 30 min easy run

    Field Hockey and Soccer coach- most important fact first day of tryouts- 2 mile test

    Lacrosse coach- sent team on a “river run” in their cleats on the first day- our school is near James river..its like a 3 or 4 mile run

    Softball coach- first day of tryouts- 1 mile run for time- one of his tests

    it is very typical on any given day to come down to the track and see one of our coaches leaning against the fence and watching their team run 2 miles slow and steady

    Worst part..they win sin spite of that…they are loaded with talent win, never regionals or states, but consistantly win

    meanwhile- i may do things the right way way with say the football team but because of a lack of talent, or other factors the record isn’t as good…then there is a credibility issue…oh well

    funny though- kids will come to me and be laughing and say hey coach guess what our workout is today…with their coach no where in sight…they are laughing because they actually know better and they no it will just make me roll my eyes… is another one for you..chime in please..i trianed the baseball team 2 days a week leading in to the season..always used a dynamic warm-up and we stretched at the end…drove by their practice as they were jsut beginning and they were all circled up by themselves sitting on their bottums stretching…hmmm

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  5. Unfortunately if you told this to the swim coach community most of them would look at you dumbfounded. The vast majority still have no clue. They continue to treat swimming (in which the average event last for 3.5minutes) like an endurance sport. And here’s something that’ll floor you: the USOC classifies swimming as an ‘endurance’ not because that’s what the sports scientists say but because that’s how most of the coaches TRAIN!!! I’m fighting to change the culture at my program and I appreciate your part in the fight to educate as well. Keep it up mike!!

  6. Well said Mike. As usual I agree and as you know I teach MS PE and that is just crazy that they are doing that. I have my kids run, shuffle,skip, etc for 3-4 min. as a warm-up and all of the games we play and activities we move the whole time. How the heck are you going to gets kids to run for 20 min in PE and get kids motivated to exercise. Maybe i should post my PE warmup program and see what that feedback is from the LD crowd. I have 2 types of WU. My 4-5th grades are vastly different from my6-8.

  7. mboyle1959 Says:

    I hope this one stirs up a real hornets nest

  8. Here here!!! With you ALL THE WAY ON THIS ONE MIKE!! But I have to ask… you are kind of vague here. How do you really feel?! (HA HA)

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