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This week is another Common Sense week with three new articles. In fact, I think we featured Justin Levine and Jon Messner in our last common sense week. A Common Sense week is when we feature three articles that make you think , “that’s just common sense why do I/ don’t I do that”.  As Ben Franklin said “Common Sense is not Very Common”. 

First up, Justin has another great common sense article called Don’t Be Old School. The thing I like about Justin’s stuff is that he is learning to keep it simple and is good at getting his thoughts on paper. If you are a regular reader you know I love that.

Next up is and article aptly titled Common Sense by Jon Messner. Jon is a great young writer with a talent for simplicity.

Last up is a piece I wrote called Should You Stick to the Recipe? This article was alluded to in our last podcast and looks at the ideas of combining bits and pieces of programming and the possible effects.


Video of the Week is another adductor foam roll technique. The key to working the adductors, as the video shows, is to work in three segments beginning with the attachments at the knee and working your way up. We try to get thirty rolls (10 distal, 10 middle, 10 proximal) on each side. You can order my Foam Roller Techniques at if you want to see more foam roll ideas.

As always don’t forget to check out the StrengthCoach Podcast  at This week has two new episodes, one with Gray Cook and one with Milwaukee Bucks Strength Coach Jeff Macy.  

Hope you enjoy the week.