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This week is Combine Week on

 Our first article is actually a reprint of an article called The Truth About Speed, NFL Combines and the Forty Yard Dash. I actually wrote this in 2006 for the old site which was the predecessor to The subject seems to come up in threads all the time. One of our members, Dave Puloka, posted a thread about actual times at this years NFL Combine. In addition, there was a thread about Vertical Jumps discussing vertical jump numbers in the NBA. NBA vertical jumps are like the NFL 40’s, mostly fiction. The real stats are not as glamorous.

Next up is an article that I actually posted to this blog last week and didn’t realize was not on Training to Bench 225 takes a look at a unique test and how to train for it.

Our third article ( I think with reprints/ reposts you will actually get 4-5 this week) we have an article from Jimmy L’Amour on Training for the 40. This is an excellent series of tips on the 40 yd dash.

Last up for this week is an article called on Training the Anterior Core from Jim Reeves. Jim is one of the really smart guys on the site and he put this together in response to a thread on core training last week. Even though the article is not Combine related it is timely so I wanted to run it right away.

Video of the Week is a Stability Ball Rollout. With all the discussion about core training and anterior core training, as well as Jim’s upcoming article I thought this would make sense. I think this exercise is the key to learning all of the anterior core progressions. The clip is taken from my Joint by Joint Approach to Warm-up and Training DVD. If you are really interested in what we are doing at the moment with our MBSC athletes and at BU you can order my Joint by Joint Approach to Warm-up and Training   from Perform Better .


As always don’t forget to check out the StrengthCoach Podcast  at 


Hope you enjoy the week.