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Nutrition for Kids

Posted in Nutrition, Random Thoughts, Youth Training on March 13, 2009 by mboyle1959

A few weeks ago I received an email from one of my former players. The purpose of her email was to ask if I was aware of any good nutrition books for kids. My first thought was to say that there was no such thing. My second thought was to recommend some “adult books”. No, not those adult books.

My friend was not looking for books on nutrition for a child to read but rather for books about nutrition for children. What I had to explain to her was that kids are really no different than adults when it comes to nutrition. The basics of nutrition don’t change much based on age. The big exception is that it is tough to get kids to eat quality protein. Kids eat for taste, even more so than adults, and will have limited palates.  Protein deficiency is even worse among young females. My wife and I actually use protein shakes with our kids, particularly in the morning to try to get protein into our kids.

Kids are bombarded with cereal ads and because they are so susceptible to advertising they think that cereal is a good breakfast. I read a quote that said the line “cereal can be part of a good breakfast” is one of the best advertising lines ever. The writer said the next line should say “if you eat a bunch of other very nutritious food with the cereal”. My favorite breakfast for the kids is a protein shake and fruit. It beats all the other breakfast crap.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there are any good “kids” nutrition books. The Zone and The South Beach Diet are both very good basic nutrition books. I love UltraPrevention and UltraMetabolism also. However, if you want to practice good nutrition with kids follow the same rules as with adults.