Low Back Pain Prevention- Part 2

I have to apologize as these clips have no audio. The key to this clip, much like yesterdays is seeing that lack of hip mobility in flexion can be as dangerous or more dangerous than lack of mobility in extension. McGill’s work actually shows flexion to be more dangerous to the disks. Lack of hip flexion can be due to weakness of the deep hip flexors or, to tightness of the extensors.

Both clips are from my Concepts in Core Training DVD available at www.performbetter.com. 

3 Responses to “Low Back Pain Prevention- Part 2”

  1. Jeff Cubos Says:

    Hi Mike,

    Just a comment to your viewers as I’m sure you are already aware. Among others, lack of hip flexion may also be a result of “anterior subluxation” of the femoral head on the acetabulum. This would cause impingement and reduce flexion. Mulligan Mobs would assist with this.

  2. Well said Mike!

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