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This week is concussion week on Some of you will initially have the same reaction I did to concussions. What’s the big deal? Part of the game? When our first author, Chris Nowinski, offered to do a concussion education presentation for my staff that was my reaction. I thought “I’ll be polite and sit through this”. I was shocked by my own ignorance. In Chris’s words “ if you substitute the word ‘traumatic brain injury’ for ‘concussion”, your thoughts change”. The second concussion presentation comes from Dr. Brian Reiger and was provided by member Greg Streblow. I won’t say you’ll enjoy these presentations, I will say that you’ll learn a ton.

Last up is Putting Your Team Together by Bruce Kelly. This has nothing to do with concussions but, is a great follow up to Bruce’s previous piece on Training Masters Athletes.

Video of the Week features the work of the Sports Legacy Institute.

The clip is from an HBO RealSports piece. Please watch the entire clip. The important part begins at about the 5 min mark. This is a disturbing piece. As always don’t forget to check out the StrengthCoach Podcast at

Hope you enjoy the week. Michael

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  1. I think all parents that have their kids involved in contact sports (football, rugby here in Canada, even hockey) should watch this video. I second Todd’s comment – concussion on a youth brain is scary.

  2. And they go on TV to say there is no evidence! I believe They won´t find any of it if they they keep looking inside their own pockets and wallets. Just Unbelievable

  3. mboyle1959 Says:

    In all honesty, I’m not sure I would ever let my son play youth football.

  4. Very interesting information, but very scary. The video was obviously focused on the NFL level, but with the statistics as they are and the high occurence of concussions, what about our youth football players? Is it even safe to have these undeveloped brains running around at 8-9 years old smashing into each other? I would think a concussion on a youth brain would be more traumatic?

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