I’ll Put the Water Back

I just had an unbelievable experience at the convenience store this morning. I was behind a man whose intent was to purchase a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of water. Cigarettes are almost eight dollars a pack in Massachusetts. When the man realized he did not have enough money he looked at the clerk and said “I’ll put the water back”.  The realization that a man would pay for something known to kill him and put back an item he could not live without staggered me. Makes you think doesn’t it.

4 Responses to “I’ll Put the Water Back”

  1. Wow, $8 per pack!

    I miss working out at Boyle’s. No one to blame but me! At least I’m buying the water, not the smokes.

    Thanks Mike.


  2. A very interesting point, people do make some odd choices in life. Some that seem like they must be mad, but as Justin says I can also understand the profound effect that an addiction can have on your life.

    TOM Godwin
    Foresight Personal Training

  3. It makes sense. Water is free, bottled water is a luxury, and smoking, when it’s an addiction, is not.

  4. Suprisingly I’m not all that shocked. I’ve seen individuals who will smoke a pack a day and claim that it’s hard for them to drink 20oz. of water a day.

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