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Low Back Pain Part 3

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The exercises depicted in the video are common warm-ups that I would consider contraindicated

We constantly need to be reminded that the lumbar spine is a series of joints with limited range of motion. These joints should be trained for stability and attempts to increase mobility at the spine are short sighted. We should be training the hips and thoracic spine for mobility and the lumbar spine for stability. This is a quote from a reader who I recently encouraged to stop rotating the lumbar spine


I am a golfer who suffered from low back pain.  I was doing an enormous amount of “what I thought good” spinal twisting to increase my flexibility.  I did not make the connection that the twisting was doing more harm than good until I purchased Mike’s “Joint By Joint Warmup & Training”.  In the DVD set Mike gave his opinion about the twisting and while his view, according to him, might be controversial he just put it out there that the spinal twists created more mobility than the lumbar spine was designed for and consequently did more harm than good.  He opted for lumbar stability.  Mike and I exchanged a few emails about this and he asked that I record my level of pain at the beginning of changing my routine and reevaluate two weeks later.  Here are the results.  I noted the pain at the start as:  Standing – 5, Lying Down on back – 8 (tingly sensation), Getting up from a chair after sitting for a while – 8 (bent over until stiffness went away), Driving in car for a distance – 8 (bent over when getting out until stiffness went away), Golf especially short irons – 9 (had to wait for the spasm to calm down before I could swing).  I totally cut out any spinal twists and practiced lumbar stabilization as outlined by Mike.  Here are the results after two weeks.  Standing – 2, Lying down on back – 3, getting out of a chair – 4, driving – 4, golf – 0.  I did not change or add anything else since I wanted to eliminate any other possibility from factoring in.  I had been working my glutes very hard and I think they are a key component in a strong back but it was not until I stopped the spinal twists and started stabilizing the lumbar spine that I noticed any results.



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