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This Week on and Off to DC!

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First off, Boston University Hockey is off to the Frozen Four in Washington, DC. Wish us luck.

Second, lots of great stuff on

This will be an interesting week on the site. There has been a great thread running on the Advanced Forum about using and teaching Olympic weightlifting. The discussion inspired me to begin the week with a reprint of an old article I wrote in 1999 for a magazine called Coaching Management. The article was titled More Power to You by the editorial staff but, was originally titled Teaching Olympic Lifts to Athletes. The article was meant to serve as a companion piece to my old Teaching Olympic Lifts to Athletes VHS tape. The article outlines a progression we have used for fifteen years to teach 1000’s of athletes to Olympic lift.

Next up will be two international articles. One of my goals for is to make the site truly an international site. With the inclusion of two cricket articles we take a big step in that direction. Although our US members may not coach cricket players, cricket is a huge international sport.

The Unique Challenge of Periodised Training for Professional Cricketersby Rob Ahmun and David Hinchliffe is the first of two, followed by Preventing Injuries in Professional Cricketers by Rob Ahmun.

I’m excited and hope that members from outside the US will continue to submit articles on sports that are not traditional in the US and help us to increase our international presence. Because one article is actually a reprint we will run four articles this week. The last article will be by Tom Oberhue called Power Clean- A Natural Progression. Tom did a great job and has lots of accompanying video.

Video of the Week is a video of a group of our female athletes doing a hang clean demo. This video has gotten a lot of play and a lot of criticism on YouTube. The video was done to show how strong our women were in 1998. It was not intended as a training video. All the women shown were simply asked to do 2-5 reps at 135. The first 3 women are Olympic ice hockey players Tricia Dunn-Luoma, AJ Mleczko, and Katie King. Next is then high school soccer player and current Louisville Asst. Strength Coach Mary Kate Jones. ( 135×5 as a high school senior). Last is Kristen McCormick, a former U Maine basketball player.

The criticism revolves around the “rock” action that the women use. I am a big believer in the concept of double knee bend and I would recommend you read up on Olympic lifting if you are unfamiliar with the term double knee bend.

As always don’t forget to check out the StrengthCoach Podcast  at  

Hope you enjoy the week.