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Low Back Pain Part 4- The Best Exercise for Back Pain?

Posted in Core training, Injuries, Low Back Pain, Training Females on March 31, 2009 by mboyle1959

The Quadruped Hip Extension is a precursor to McGill’s Bird Dog and may be the best exercise to rehab a low back pain client. In the Quadruped Hip Extension the emphasis is only on the hip. The biggest key to ending back pain is learning to move the hip independent of the spine. The dowel provides the coach or trainer with a visual aid to view possible lumbar compensation. If the space under the dowel increases extension of the lumbar spine is being substituted for the hip. Good glute function may be our best defense against back pain. The Airex pad under the knee allows the working leg to sweep the floor, unimpeded by the rug or mat. Use 10 second holds beginning with three sets of three ten second holds and progressing to 6.I think the “Bird Dog” or Alternate Arm and Leg  is a more advanced progression and the Quadruped Hip Extension should be learned first.