Training the Baby Boomer

Training the members of the baby boomer generation represents some unique challenges. Many in this age bracket are fit and want to be challenged by a workout. As a result many are drawn to excessive routines like CrossFit  or to endurance training like triathlons. Our job as trainers is to challenge the baby boomers while we respect what might be politely called high mileage bodies. Much like a great car that will continue to run, the baby boomer can continue to exercise if a smart program is employed. Just remember, smart has nothing to do with machines. We need to challenge but ,not injure. My analogy is the classic car. It looks great, and runs great but, probably would not make it through the Indy 500.

This is a great video of one of my clients performing a feet elevated push-up on a BOSU, with a 2o lb weight vest. The client is 61 years old and is an excellent example of how far you can push a baby boomer.

2 Responses to “Training the Baby Boomer”

  1. A good example of “boomerism” can be found in most any local race result, where you see that the 50+ winner also placed overall : )

  2. I exercise almost daily…I walk, ride my bike, go to the gym and do weights everyday..and I am…well never mind how old…Same size as I was thirty years ago…It is about discipline in the eating department and exercise. Have realistic goals…and go beyond them…

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