Baby Boomer Interval Training

This is one my clients, Steve Belkin, running barefoot intervals at 60 years old. I love to post videos of my clients doing things that many trainers might think are not possible based on age or gender. I think it is important to empower our clients with demonstrations of what you “can do”.

This type of running is best described as intensive tempo. Not a full sprint but, a good long stride. I think that tempo running has great corrective value and can “undo” much of the damage done by jogging.


2 Responses to “Baby Boomer Interval Training”

  1. Given my age (60) I will try to post some videos in the next year. They may help some of the baby boomers.

  2. And we love you client videos!!

    I am with you on the can do attitude, it makes a massive differance to getting clients to get the best possible results from thier training!

    TOM Godwin

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