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One of my athletes, Grant Covington, forwarded this article to me. It was actually from a UK website. The content will make you think. There is no question that the “nutrition” info we’ve been given the past decade hasn’t worked. What do you think?

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  1. Nice article.
    I have found that every person I have had cut grains has benefited from it.

    As for Ornish I feel he is the biggest charlatan next to Dr. Oz out there. I would not trust any of his so called random controlled trials for any amount of money.

    I would say if the average person is consuming 5k worth of calories a day that lack of exercise is the least of their problems. Without proper diet all else is futile.

    Only my opinion of course.

    Great blog!!!

  2. Have read it; liked it along with Botany of Desire. However, it’s totally outside the realm of my point.

    Pritikin and Ornish are physicians. They produced some of the only true randomized-control nutritional trials published to date. I’m totally with you on the general RN bi-line. I prefer to read and think for myself and find many in the profession to be aloof at best.

    However, I still don’t see how the recommendations are fairly evaluated when very few people follow them. Eating 5000 calories a day and not exercising will put anyone in trouble, regardless of the caloric profile.

    I’ll reiterate the exercise prescription question: when well over 50% of the population is not following a guideline, can the health outcomes of that population in relation to the guideline be fairly evaluated?

    I don’t think so.

  3. mboyle1959 Says:

    Wow, ACSM, USRDA, Pritikin, Cooper Clinic? Sorry but, I have completely lost faith in the RD’s and the USRDA. I can’t even have a conversation with most nutritionists, in fact I won’t let them talk to my athletes for fear they will say things like “eat more carbs” and “get more aerobic exercise”. We have been ignoring a huge body of evidence for years that high carb-low fat has been a failure. I tell my clients now that “grain free” is the best route to weight loss and health. Read Omnivores Dilemma, please.

  4. Correlation does not equal causation. The source of the calories is secondary to the amount and positive energy balance. We eat more calories than 25 years ago and get less activity. A small coke at McDonald’s used to be the large size. A quarter pounder used to be the largest burger; now there’s 3/4 pound burgers everywhere. Be it fat, carb, or protein, we’re eating lots more.

    You have to look at randomized-control trials that don’t rely on dietary recall in the methods. If you do find good science it becomes evident that relatively high-carbohydrate meals are better for pro-inflammatory markers like FMD, HSCRP, etc. I encourage you to look at the work at the Pritikin Center (CA), Dean Ornish, and the Cooper Clinic (TX).

    Bottom line: USRDA-type recommendations may or may not be the best but they cannot be evaluated in our current situation because people don’t follow them. ACSM recommends 5 days of moderate or 3 days of vigorous exercise per week. Is their recommendation incorrect because we’re getting fatter? Has ACSM failed us because our population has not the resolve to get enough physical activity?

  5. mboyle1959 Says:

    The point is to make you think. Don’t believe everything you read on either side. Every read Omnivores Dilemma?

  6. White bread over whole-grain? I’ve never heard of grains irritating the gut. Even so, I’m sure there’s more ‘pros’ to eating nutrient- and fiber-heavy whole grains over the highly-processed, bleached, nutrient-sparse refined white.

    There’s fat in chicken breasts too. Pork can be very fatty, and should only be eaten sporadically.

    The author doesn’t differentiate between healthy fats and regular fats too – which will have people thinking any fats are better than any carbs – which is of course not true.

    The soy-bashing is exaggerated as well.

    Alcohol over fruit juice? That’s not a fair comparison. Neither belong in a healthy diet anyways. Why not compare chocolate bars and ice cream?

  7. Most of the article makes sense. I don’t believe the Vodka part. I have drank more alcohol than any 3 people I know in the first 45 years of my life. Alcohol destroys brain and liver cells. It also destroys the lining of our gut which stops the absorption of the nutrients in the good food we do eat. OJ- with its high glycemic nature and fructose is definitely the lesser of 2 evils in my book-given a choice. Tonic is complex ..hard to say.
    I wonder if Jon Berardi would agree.

  8. i’m always leery of articles like this because they make huge generalizations from the experience of one or two people.

    It’s like the episode of Oprah from a couple of weeks ago where they were going on about how amazing low calorie diets were for ‘reversing’ the aging process and as their ‘proof’ they had 2 guys on there who were doing it with success (of course no one mentions that they had terrible health habits before they started the diet so any shift towards healthier eating and exercise probably would have given them comparable results).

    The info that the guy gives in this article is more or less the Atkins diet. No carbs, tons of fat. It’ll work for some people to help keep them thin but I wouldn’t consider it healthy by any means.

    Who’s to say that the guy in the article is not just genetically predisposed to very low cholesterol and blood pressure? We’ve all met people who live terribly unhealthy lives and stay in great shape til their old age.

    I’d trust the advice of John Berardi who has helped thousands of people become infinitely more healthy (and who adheres to most of the healthy rules that Barry trashes) over some guy who writes a book because his sample of 1 (himself) has some unusual diet results.

    Thanks for posting the article – definitely good to think about this stuff and consider the information we are being fed dogmatically without question.

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