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Membership continues to grow and articles continue to pour in. The hardest decision for me every week is what article to post. This week we are featuring two articles by a new author. Dan Gabelman is a Boston University grad who has been assisting me at Boston University and working at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning. These articles began as Trainers Tips of the Week for Dan’s clients. Part of our goal at MBSC is to have our coaches interact with clients outside of the session via email or text message and Dan took this a step further and began writing. I liked his writings enough to want to share some with you. First up is A Young Coaches Ah-Ha Moments . Next is Are Crunches and Back Extensions Breaking Your Spine? Although the second one covers some ground that has been covered on the site I thought it was an excellent example of putting it in client-speak.

Last up is another article by Springfield College graduate student Joe Bonyai. Prehab Your Program, Program Your Prehab is another excellent piece from a young man who I believe you will continue to hear a lot from.

Video of the Week

Video of the week is a Tall Kneeling Anti-Rotation Press. Although this is known as the “Pallof Press” I have a personal aversion to exercises named after people or places, sorry John.

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Hope you enjoy the week.