The Idiot Box

The top box in the stack is either a 36 or 42 inch plyo box.1369

If you have either one, please put them away. In fact, unless you are training some great athletes, put your 30 inch box away too. I have dubbed the big plyo boxes “Idiot Boxes”. Idiot boxes are jumped on by young men ( it is always young men) looking to show off. I have begun to refer to them as “skin donors”. I can tell you something for sure. If CSI showed up and dusted the high plyo boxes for DNA most of these boxes would test positive. There was a time when my athletes and I were foolish just like everyone else and did these foolish exercises. After coaching  a few “skin donors” I realized that what mattered was the movement of the center of mass, not the height of the box. I no longer own a 36” box but, own lots of 18’s, 24’s and a few 30’s. Our rule is simple. Jimmy Radcliffe said it best; “jump and land from the same position”. This means that take off and landing should look identical. If you jump from a ½ squat, land in a half squat.

I could post a few videos but, don’t want to get sued. Just Youtube “box jumps” if you want to see foolishness in action.

Remember, jump and land from the same position.

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  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    I think my answer is evident in the blog post.

  2. What you say to Joe defranco?

  3. mboyle1959 Says:

    Wish you’d seen it first. Show it to your trainer.

  4. I’m working with a trainer who has me jumping onto a 30″ box (I’m 5’9″) and sure enough a chunk of my DNA ended up on it one day! Here I thought I was really challenging myself because I could do it many times in a row – just one time was fatigued and didn’t make it. My form looks like the “too high” girl! Thanks for the infoi!!!

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  6. Can we start focusing on how the athlete’s land versus how they jump? Sport coaches teach “Jump higher” every practice. Shouldn’t we be teaching “Land properly” during these types of drills in order to be “preventing injury potential” like most strength coaches say they are doing? The VertiMax is another tool to incorporate into this type of program.

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  8. After talking to you about this, I have changed my philosophy on high box jumps. I currently use my 36″ & 42″ as a platform for sandbag pick ups. The risk simply isn’t worth the ego reward-no to mention the skin donation! I’m also very cautious of my kids form when I’m having them do tire flips. My problem is finding tires at the proper weight for the age/strength level. Glad to see you blogging Mike!

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