The Idiot Box- Day 2

I got an interesting response yesterday that made me realize that I could take this post a step further. The video below shows a perfect box jump


The next video shows what  a “too high” box jump looks like:

As I said yesterday, it’s not how high the box is, it’s the movement of the center of mass. High boxes can be dangerous.

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6 Responses to “The Idiot Box- Day 2”

  1. mboyle1959 Says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Funny, you never see women doing “stupid training tricks” on the internet.

  2. Kudos, Coach!
    I have held my breath numerous times while watching video after video of what seem to be circus acts with this stuff. Same thing with the damn standing on the ball stuff. I don’t get it. It’s obviously a testosterone-driven thing, lol, (kidding, guys, don’t get upset…but somewhat serious) and it’s ridiculous! Since when did people start thinking “ohhhh…i’m gonna look like a badas* if I jump onto this 72-inch box?” It’s dumb. It’s obviously not something that will move a client/athlete forward, and I applaud the dingaling trianers/coaches who continue to perpetuate this stupidity…thanks for helping those of us who know better look even smarter! 😀

    Yours in Health,
    Sarah E. Rippel

  3. mboyle1959 Says:

    The big difference with vertical jumps is that the landing can influence the score on a Jump Mat system. We preach the same philosophy, jump and land in the same position. Any attempt to create a landing effect invalidates the test.

  4. Riccardo Says:

    The mechanics of the two jumps are completely different. As you said Mike, if the box are too higk, the exercise does not have a dynamic correspondence with any sport.

  5. Coach Boyle,

    Does this same type of thing apply with vertical jumps? i.e. just because you can get some extra air, it is not worth much unless you can land with solid mechanics? I’ve seen some “interesting landings with vertical jump testing and this is what precipitated this question in response to your box jump posts.

    Do you feel that testing versus training landing mechanics with vertical jumps are separate matters, or would you say that achieving a specific height is essentially worthless if the landing mechanics are less than optimal by a fair amount?

    Thank you for all of the knowledge and your input.

  6. Great posts Michael, couldn’t agree more and always looked at those boxes and though to myself people were forcing it when using them, great 2nd video too, love the initial hesitation of the patient, sums it all up!

    Keep up the great work,
    Mike Reinold

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