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Perform Better Providence

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I just added a new lecture at the Perform Better Summit in Prov this weekend as a “fill in”. Be sure to check out Understanding Sports Hernia on Sunday AM. In addition I will be doing the scheduled lecture and practicals.

May 8-10th the best in education for strength and conditioning, rehab and fitness professionals resumes. If you don’t get to one of these every year you are making a huge mistake. The biggest complaint from attendees is that with four sessions going on at one time it is tough to choose. Here are my picks for each session.

Note- I will almost always choose lectures over hands-on. Just my opinion. I’m here to learn, not to get exercise.

Friday May, 8th

9:45- Go see Bill Parisi. Bill’s talk will have you ready to make friends all weekend.

11:00- Todd Wright is one the funniest speakers here but Martin Rooney is also always good. Flip a coin

1:00- Mark Verstegen is a personal favorite. That’s where I think I’ll be. If you train kids, skip Mark and see Brian Grasso. Brett Jones KB hands-on should also be excellent. This might be the toughest call of the day. ( Brett is also at Long Beach so I can see both)

2:15- Robb Rogers versus Al Vermeil. If this was wrestling I’d go with Rob, he’s at least 15 years younger but, it’s not. I have to choose wisdom over humor. I love Rob but, Al wins by a nose.

3:30- If you skip my hands-on see Brett Jones.

4:45- The great Thomas Plummer runs unopposed. Do not head to the bar early. The beer is free at 6. Thomas always makes me think. I’ll be there.

Saturday May 9th

8:30- Lots of choices. Maybe a toss-up here. I think you’ll enjoy whatever you pick.

9:45- I’m going with a wild card here. Fraser Quelch. I’ve never seen him so this will be my choice.

11- If you came to a one day and saw me, check out Lee Taft if you have an interest in speed. Not interested in speed? Check out Lee Burton or John Graham.

1:00- This is a tough choice but, if you have not seen Todd Durkin’s Going for Greatness go. Todd is a guy who “walks the talk”. Very motivational.

2:15- Another tough call but when in doubt go with Stuart McGill. I learn, relearn or reinforce something every time I hear him. I have probably heard him lecture 10 times and this might be 11.

3:30- Toughest call of the day. 4 great presentations. My choice, Alwyn Cosgrove. A really funny but, to the point presentation. If you attended a one day and have already heard Alwyn, flip a coin.

4:35- Q+A. Don’t say Chris Poirier doesn’t deliver. Get your questions answered at the end of the day, great opportunity.

Sunday May 10th

8- Stuart McGill again. Anthony always does a great hands-on but Stuart is my recommendation.

9:15- This is without a doubt another difficult time slot. I haven’t heard Vern for a while so I am anxious to see him speak. I also want to see Greg’s Quick Screen. I’m going to Vern’s lecture and then Greg’s hands-on at 11:45.

10:30- Again a McGill recommendation even though it is a hands-on.

11:45- As before a tough decision but, I’ll make up for missing Greg Rose’s lecture and see his hands.

Truth is, I can see why a few attendees come more than once. By coming three times I will see everything I want. You will not be so lucky. Hope my recommendations help.

Don’t forget that you can listen to audio interviews by each presenter about their topic at