Training the Obese Client

The following was writen by Hank Morse, an MBSC client and the inspiration for my Perform Better talks this year. To learn more about Hank go


The best thing I’ve ever done is decide I needed help with my obesity problem. I started working out at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning in Winchester, MA, just over a year ago.

I was always intimidated into thinking a personal trainer would be judgemental about my obesity and I didn’t want to face the music. What I found instead is…..I wasted 42 years by postponing my access to their expertise. Their success is determined by your success. The good ones care about your progress 24 hours a day.

I’ve lost 118 pounds with Mike Boyle and his staff and they’ve become not only trainers, but mentors, confidants, therapists and friends. The best professionals in the fitness industry understand the human condition. They know the brain doesn’t always operate in black and white fashion. For the first time in my life I’ve found an organization that understands the mental approach to weight loss. They know that obsessive compulsive behavior can hijack common sense and render it obsolete. So, when you choose someone to work with, they need to understand food, fitness, mental approach, support, communication, fatigue, motivation…..a whole realm of issues. Mike Boyle and his staff understand this and it’s probably why they are the best in the nation at what they do. Whether it was a conversation, encouragement, text message, email or cell phone call, Mike and his staff have always been right there to help me succeed.

42 years…….375 pounds, trouble walking 125 yards.
43 years…….257 pounds, getting ready to walk a half marathon.

Your first step to better health should be choosing a health care advocate. Put yourself first….invest in you. There is not a better return on investment in the world.

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  1. I have been trying to help people take back their health in some way for more than twenty years. Example, when i was getting ready to buy my first house i did researching. When i wanted to refianance it, i did some more. When i sold my first house i did even more. 5 books later i now own two houses one on a lake and one in the woods. Value over $$$$$ Huge investments. I did not rely on 1 realitor. I was very aggressive and took all KINDS of initiative. So many people i try to help want me to work miracles and listen to their drinking buddies and friends and not me or my advise. Nor do they listen to common sense or even their doctor. If you can read, buy books if you can’t hire a trainer for awhile and study what you do and what he or she says. Don’t just take a cab ride…take a TOUR bus and learn it! Than you to can be a Fitness Tour Guide.. NEVER QUIT!

  2. Great insight! Yes, more people should take advantage of fitness professionals and Boyle’s programs have shown results. The best statement in this blog was about investing in yourself first. Many of us have forgotten about that along the way. Work, work, work, but take time to breathe, look around, and appreciate where you came from, presently are, and where you intend to go. I look forward to reading more insightful info on this blog.

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