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First up this week is a review of the Perform Better Summit in Providence by MBSC’s Dan Gabelman. Dan does a great job highlighting what he saw at the Summit. Don’t forget, you have two more chances in Chicago and Long Beach. Next up is an article from our own Charlie Weingroff called Six Months After Sahrmann. This is a great piece because it is reflective and informative. In addition we are going to feature 3 of my articles and one of Nick Tuminello’s over the next two weeks that have run on T-Nation over the past few months. As I have said before, I continue to write for T-Nation and other sites to draw readers to and, to not limit potentially useful information to our group of informed and educated readers.

Nick’s article is called Five New Exercises. I know I always say the same thing about Nick but, I really like the way he writes and I like the way he thinks. I know you’ll enjoy all of this weeks content.


Anthony Renna and I will be doing our second webinar tomorrow night. You can sign up at the following link
The webinar is titled Beyond Functional Training for Sports- The Joint by Joint Approach and will focus on the philosophical changes I have undergone over the last 5 years. The webinar will be 50 minutes with a 20 minute Q+A to follow.

You can also become a site member and get 2 webinars a month with some of the industry leaders by going to
and signing up as a site member. This is a great opportunity to get amazing info for one low price.

In addition, Anthony is doing a webinar tonight with Alwyn Cosgrove to sign up go to

Video of the Week
Video of the Week is actually Videos of the Week. I posted these in a thread but thought the concept should be shared with the whole site. The videos compare a Lateral Squat with a Rotational Squat and show the differences.
As always don’t forget to check out the StrengthCoach Podcast at .