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Square Pegs Round Holes

Posted in Uncategorized on May 21, 2009 by mboyle1959

A recent thread on the forum got me thinking. The question was about using med balls throws that might best be called Reverse Throws?

Bottom line, I think these may be a good way to get hurt. I don’t think there is sports skill that I can think of that involves this type of action. I think this is a great example of overthinking and a better example of square pegs in round holes. Think about this violent action done effectively in the wrong direction. Even though the athlete in the video does a pretty good job getting hip internal and external rotation, think about the havoc this wreaks on the back of someone with poor hip mobility. To me the exercise has two huge flaws.
1- No purpose
2- It looks like it was designed as a way to get injured.
Truth is we used to do these ( because we were copycats looking for variations) but, have not for about 6 years.