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Evolution of a Coach

Posted in Uncategorized on May 22, 2009 by mboyle1959

In April of 2007 I wrote a piece called 25 Mistakes in 25 Years. The article was inspired by a Barbara Walters special about her top 30 mistakes in 30 years in the entertainment business. I wrote it on a train to New York City with no expectation. It has been called “the best piece you have ever written” more than once. Because of the excellent response I centered my 2008 Perform Better Summit presentation around the article. In the presentation I outlined the top mistakes of my career and also highlighted my top ten new ideas for 2008.

I also filmed the talk and finally got around to putting it on a DVD. Here is the description from the Perform Better site of Evolution of a Coach

In “The Evolution of a Coach” Michael Boyle shares the lessons he has learned after coaching thousands of athletes over 25 years. The 60 minutes you spend learning from Coach Boyle will help you evolve into a better coach. As one of the foremost coaches in the world, Coach Boyle paved the way for many in the industry, and made the mistakes to prove it.

After watching this lecture, you’ll know why Coach Boyle wants to make sure other coaches don’t make mistakes like:
Not visiting other coaches
Putting square pegs in round holes
Adding without sunbtracting
Confusing disagree with dislike

Hope you take a moment to check it out.