Warrior Girls

I am about 1/4 of the way through the book Warrior Girls- Protecting Our Daughters from the Injury Epidemic in Women’s Sports. I think the book was originally recommended to me by Strengthcoach.com member Bruce Kelly, a coach who has a daughter/ athlete himself. In any case if you have daughters or train female athletes this book should be on your “must read” list. Warrior Girls is not a science book but more of a social commentary on youth sports with particular emphasis on how young females are impacted.

Possibly the most interesting concept in the book is author Michael Sokolove’s premise that the concepts of Title 9 and equality may have done more harm than good in some cases. Many would argue but, please don’t if you haven’t read the book. Sokolove seems to be making the case that some women’s sports advocates may in effect be sweeping the female ACL epidemic under the rug because it may undermine all of the successes of Title 9. Take some time and read Warrior Girls.

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  1. Putting-a-dialog-to-a-growing-epidemic

  2. downloadable books…

    Thanks for the excellent information. It is greatly appreciated….

  3. Thanks for the book recommendations. I will take both of these to Europe with me at the end of the week. Hopefully I will be able to find time to read them on the flights. Keep the recommendations coming. The insight is appreciated.

  4. Mike,
    Thanks for the props. BTW Jeremy Boone recommended “Until It Hurts” by Mark Hyman…another good read on the youth sports culture. Both books should be required reading for those who train/coach young athletes…they bring some perspective to the picture. Take care

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