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Another Great Motivator

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I love to share stories that scream “I can”. So often we are stuck in a negative “can’t” mode, dwelling on our negatives or our shortcomings. Every so often a story comes along that does the opposite. I like to show these clips to my athletes so that they can remember how lucky they are and how much they undervalue their tremendous abilities. Here is another of those stories shared with me by my friend Joan Belkin.

This Week on

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This week is business week on Bruce Kelly wrote an excellent article called Ten Do’s for Building Your Fitness Business a few months ago and it has been sitting in my computer. I like the idea of theme weeks and I also like highlighting some good articles that everyone on the site should read or reread. Alwyn Cosgove and Jason Ferrugia’s The Business is one of those articles. I find myself referring back to that article frequently when people ask questions so we will also feature The Business as a Classic this week. In many ways I think the article is more timely now than when it was written a few years ago. Next up is an article from Pat Rigsby called Top 10 Ways to Build your Training or Coaching Business. Pat, Jim Labadie and Nick Berry are running Fitness Millions in New Jersey at the end of month. These guys really understand the business side of our industry and most of us could use some work there. You can get more info at


Video of the Week

Video of the week on the site actually comes from this blog. There are actually 2. The first shows an incorrect box jump, the second shows correct technique. Go back a few days to read The Idiot Box Parts 1 and 2.


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Perform Better Providence

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I just added a new lecture at the Perform Better Summit in Prov this weekend as a “fill in”. Be sure to check out Understanding Sports Hernia on Sunday AM. In addition I will be doing the scheduled lecture and practicals.

May 8-10th the best in education for strength and conditioning, rehab and fitness professionals resumes. If you don’t get to one of these every year you are making a huge mistake. The biggest complaint from attendees is that with four sessions going on at one time it is tough to choose. Here are my picks for each session.

Note- I will almost always choose lectures over hands-on. Just my opinion. I’m here to learn, not to get exercise.

Friday May, 8th

9:45- Go see Bill Parisi. Bill’s talk will have you ready to make friends all weekend.

11:00- Todd Wright is one the funniest speakers here but Martin Rooney is also always good. Flip a coin

1:00- Mark Verstegen is a personal favorite. That’s where I think I’ll be. If you train kids, skip Mark and see Brian Grasso. Brett Jones KB hands-on should also be excellent. This might be the toughest call of the day. ( Brett is also at Long Beach so I can see both)

2:15- Robb Rogers versus Al Vermeil. If this was wrestling I’d go with Rob, he’s at least 15 years younger but, it’s not. I have to choose wisdom over humor. I love Rob but, Al wins by a nose.

3:30- If you skip my hands-on see Brett Jones.

4:45- The great Thomas Plummer runs unopposed. Do not head to the bar early. The beer is free at 6. Thomas always makes me think. I’ll be there.

Saturday May 9th

8:30- Lots of choices. Maybe a toss-up here. I think you’ll enjoy whatever you pick.

9:45- I’m going with a wild card here. Fraser Quelch. I’ve never seen him so this will be my choice.

11- If you came to a one day and saw me, check out Lee Taft if you have an interest in speed. Not interested in speed? Check out Lee Burton or John Graham.

1:00- This is a tough choice but, if you have not seen Todd Durkin’s Going for Greatness go. Todd is a guy who “walks the talk”. Very motivational.

2:15- Another tough call but when in doubt go with Stuart McGill. I learn, relearn or reinforce something every time I hear him. I have probably heard him lecture 10 times and this might be 11.

3:30- Toughest call of the day. 4 great presentations. My choice, Alwyn Cosgrove. A really funny but, to the point presentation. If you attended a one day and have already heard Alwyn, flip a coin.

4:35- Q+A. Don’t say Chris Poirier doesn’t deliver. Get your questions answered at the end of the day, great opportunity.

Sunday May 10th

8- Stuart McGill again. Anthony always does a great hands-on but Stuart is my recommendation.

9:15- This is without a doubt another difficult time slot. I haven’t heard Vern for a while so I am anxious to see him speak. I also want to see Greg’s Quick Screen. I’m going to Vern’s lecture and then Greg’s hands-on at 11:45.

10:30- Again a McGill recommendation even though it is a hands-on.

11:45- As before a tough decision but, I’ll make up for missing Greg Rose’s lecture and see his hands.

Truth is, I can see why a few attendees come more than once. By coming three times I will see everything I want. You will not be so lucky. Hope my recommendations help.

Don’t forget that you can listen to audio interviews by each presenter about their topic at

The Idiot Box- Day 2

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I got an interesting response yesterday that made me realize that I could take this post a step further. The video below shows a perfect box jump


The next video shows what  a “too high” box jump looks like:

As I said yesterday, it’s not how high the box is, it’s the movement of the center of mass. High boxes can be dangerous.

To learn more you can order my Plyometric Training DVD.

The Idiot Box

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The top box in the stack is either a 36 or 42 inch plyo box.1369

If you have either one, please put them away. In fact, unless you are training some great athletes, put your 30 inch box away too. I have dubbed the big plyo boxes “Idiot Boxes”. Idiot boxes are jumped on by young men ( it is always young men) looking to show off. I have begun to refer to them as “skin donors”. I can tell you something for sure. If CSI showed up and dusted the high plyo boxes for DNA most of these boxes would test positive. There was a time when my athletes and I were foolish just like everyone else and did these foolish exercises. After coaching  a few “skin donors” I realized that what mattered was the movement of the center of mass, not the height of the box. I no longer own a 36” box but, own lots of 18’s, 24’s and a few 30’s. Our rule is simple. Jimmy Radcliffe said it best; “jump and land from the same position”. This means that take off and landing should look identical. If you jump from a ½ squat, land in a half squat.

I could post a few videos but, don’t want to get sued. Just Youtube “box jumps” if you want to see foolishness in action.

Remember, jump and land from the same position.

This Week on

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Membership continues to grow and articles continue to pour in. The hardest decision for me every week is what article to post. This week we are featuring two articles by a new author. Dan Gabelman is a Boston University grad who has been assisting me at Boston University and working at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning. These articles began as Trainers Tips of the Week for Dan’s clients. Part of our goal at MBSC is to have our coaches interact with clients outside of the session via email or text message and Dan took this a step further and began writing. I liked his writings enough to want to share some with you. First up is A Young Coaches Ah-Ha Moments . Next is Are Crunches and Back Extensions Breaking Your Spine? Although the second one covers some ground that has been covered on the site I thought it was an excellent example of putting it in client-speak.

Last up is another article by Springfield College graduate student Joe Bonyai. Prehab Your Program, Program Your Prehab is another excellent piece from a young man who I believe you will continue to hear a lot from.

Video of the Week

Video of the week is a Tall Kneeling Anti-Rotation Press. Although this is known as the “Pallof Press” I have a personal aversion to exercises named after people or places, sorry John.

As always don’t forget to check out the StrengthCoach Podcast at

Hope you enjoy the week.


Boston University Hockey in SI

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Just wanted to share more of a great story. Boston University Hockey was featured in Sports Illustrated last week. Take a second and read a bit more about one of the greatest teams in BU history. There is some great “behind the scenes stuff”.

Click below to download the pdf:


Fitness Millions

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On Friday May 29th I will be speaking at Fitness Millions
in Morristown, NJ. Pat Rigsby, Nick Berry and Jim 
Labadie have put together a great line-up dedicated to 
the business of fitness. If you own a facility, run a 
facility or are ever thinking about 
selling information products, this is a must-attend 
event.My talk is a nuts and bolts presentation about 
how to really make it in the fitness business.
Hope to see you there.